Ebony's Master of Peace, aka "CHAMP", direct grandson of WGC Ebony Masterpiece, standing at stud.
Pride of Midnight's 4Play, aka "CODY", full of Pride in his bloodline, standing at stud. (not pictured)  15.2H Chestnut Stallion, no markings.

Orginial Article (below) printed in "VOICE of the TN Walking Horse Magazine" November/December 2012
Although my husband had been an avid TN Walking Horse owner & enthusiast all of his life, I was new to the horse world when we built & established our farm in 1999, Promised Land Farm.  My husband has always had a keen appreciation & love for WGC Ebony Masterpiece so we set out to re-establish the naturally gaited bloodline of that great horse.  We came to TN & sat through sale after sale to learn bloodlines & pricing on broodmares.  We bought 4 broodmares on one of our first trips & the dream was launched!  We began 'collecting' broodmares sired directly by Ebony Masterpiece & when we felt like we had a good foundation, we began searching out stallions that would bring a pureness of Ebony blood back into our breeding program.  One day while flipping throught a somewhat local publication, my husband stumbled upon an ad for an Ebony Masterpiece stallion for sale.  We figured Ebony was grandsire or even great-grandsire on the papers but my husband had to make the call.  I could tell by the expression of pure delight on his face & in his eyes that we had a miracle in the making on the other end of the phone line.  Still not believing that this was a stud directly sired by Ebony, we made an immediate trip to visit him.  It's funny now that we can't even remember exactly where we went but we remember exactly what we saw!  A gorgeous, lit-up, blue roan stallion with registration papers proving him to be a direct son of the late, great Ebony Masterpiece.  He was "sort of" on the back side of the desert in a field with a gelding.  He was extremely calm & very mild mannered.  We never tried to negotiate the price, we just decided to take him.  I was so excited that I could hardly sit still on the trip home.  How we were going to pay for that one didn't matter!  It only mattered that we were the proud new owners of a lifetime dream.  We brought Ebony's Peace Master (aka "DALLAS") home & immediately began breeding him.  We thought he would breed but we had no guarantees when we bought him.  Much to our delight, he was extremely easy on mares & got them in foal quickly.  God had definitely provided us with a proven miracle!  We've had Ebony's Peace Master for going on seven years now & he's currently 24 years old.  He's produced about 20 foals for us & every one of them have had his outstanding good looks & bright dispositions.  We've sold many of them & the tears have never lessened each time another one leaves.  We are so grateful to God for answering our prayers & establishing our farm under the treasured find of Ebony's Peace Master. 
(Our beloved stallion passed away on May 5, 2014.)​